Charismatic Renewal Life in the Spirit Seminars 2024: Save the Dates

The Southwark Catholic Charismatic Renewal Team is pleased to announce that they will be holding the Life in the Spirit Seminars again in 2024, after Easter, following the highly successful series of seminars that took place last year.

The Seminars will run be jointly by the parish at St George's Cathedral, the Agency for Evangelisation and Catechesis and the Southwark Catholic Charismatic Renewal Team.  They will also take place once again across the Archdiocese at numerous 'hubs' and online.

Key Seminar Dates

  • Tuesday 23 April  GOD'S LOVE  Speaker: Joan Fernandes 
  • Tuesday 30 April  SALVATION  Speaker to be announced
  • Tuesday 7 May  NEW LIFE Speaker to be announced
  • Saturday 18 May (Pentecost Saturday) RETREAT DAY AT THE CATHEDRAL - Speaker: Fr Emmanuel Mansford CFR 
  • Tuesday 21 May  GROWTH  Speaker:  Allegra Mutanda
  • Tuesday 28 May  TRANSFORMATION  Speaker: Gary Stephens

Hub Location Days

Current Hubs offering the Seminars this year:

  • St Georges Cathedral: Tuesday evenings
  • Zoom: Tuesday evenings
  • Canterbury: Tuesday evenings
  • Beckenham:  Wednesday evenings
  • Orpington: Mondays the week after (& Thursdays online)

More will locations will be coming soon.

If you would like to learn more about the hubs or about running them in your parish please get in touch


To be notified as soon as registration is open make sure to check back or sign up to the newsletter: 


Do I have to pay anything?

There is no charge for taking part in Life in the Spirit. It would be helpful if you could make a donation (in cash at one of the sessions, to keep things simple) of around £10 to help us to cover our costs but this is completely voluntary. Money should not be a reason to not join the Seminars though.

Is there a Guidebook?

Yes, we will be using a Guidebook for Life in the Spirit entitled "Finding New Life in the Spirit". The Guidebook includes simple, Scripture-based daily reflections for you to follow in between the weekly sessions. We will tell you how to get your copy when you register.

Do I have to follow the daily reflections?

Of course that's up to you. But we will be encouraging you to follow them, because they are are an integral part of the journey, which will help you between the weekly sessions on your journey to find a deeper life in God.

Who is organising Life in the Spirit 2024?

At the diocesan level, Life in the Spirit 2024 is being organised by the Southwark Catholic Charismatic Renewal team, working alongside the diocesan Agency for Evangelisation and Catechesis and St George's Cathedral. 

What if I've got other questions?

You will be given more details after you register, but you can raise any questions you might have with email to 

About our theme for 2024 - "Arise Sleeper"

The vision given for this year's Life in the Spirit journey across the Diocese has these familiar words  (Eph 5:14)...

... accompanied by the image of a lamp lantern being held, with the holder looking outward into the night...

...  referring to the wise and foolish wedding attendants waiting for bridegroom (Matt 25:1-13)

Life in the Spirit Seminars Images 2023