Bishop Paul Hendricks leads an Ecumenical Pilgrimage to the Holy Land

Bishop Paul Hendricks is jointly leading an 8-day ecumenical pilgrimage to the Holy Land from 27th February 2023, alongside Bishop Christopher Chessun of the Anglican Diocese of Southwark.

Seventy pilgrims will undertake the second Ecumenical Pilgrimage between the RC Archdiocese and the Anglican Diocese of Southwark. Fr Michael Branch, Dean of St George’s Roman Catholic Cathedral in Southwark and The Very Revd Andrew Nunn, the Dean of Southwark will also be assisting.

During the journey the pilgrims will visit holy sites around Jerusalem, walking the Way of the Cross, visiting the Pool of Bethesda and the Church of the Holy Sepulchre.  There will be visits to the Jewish Quarter and the Western Wall as well as Abu Ghosh, one of the possible sites of Emmaus.

The group will also spend time in Galilee, staying by the Lake and sailing on it, and will also visit the Mount of the Beatitudes and the ruins of Capernaum, Jesus’ Galilean base.  Finally, they will also have the chance to visit the Latin Patriarchate and see the work of L’Arche, Jerusalem.

During the time that the Pilgrims are away, there will be blog posts on the Southwark Anglican Diocesan website by Canon Wendy Robins, Canon Chancellor of Southwark Cathedral, as well as members of the pilgrimage group. There will also be tweets on the Diocesan Twitter feed

Do follow the pilgrimage and experience some of the sights of the Holy Land for yourself.

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