• Chair – Awaiting Appointment
  • Secretary - Sharon Docherty 
  • Bishop Paul Hendricks
  • Canon Michael Cooley
  • Deacon Gehad Homsey
  • Mary Boley
  • John Caruana
  • Patrick Lewis
  • Kathleen Robinson

Our Mission

We circulate pontifical letters which Catholics are asked to share with those of other faiths.  One example of this is an annual letter from the Pope addressed to Muslims at Eid. We share details of multi-faith events being held in the

London, Kent and Medway Areas and members of the Committee often attend these occasions.

The Southwark Diocesan Committee for Inter-Religious Relations meets three times a year to discuss the implementation of the following three aims:

  1. to respond to the teaching of the Second Vatican Council and the Popes with regard to interfaith dialogue;
  2. to promote greater understanding, co-operation and respect between Catholics and peoples of other faiths;
  3. to help Catholics to deepen their own faith by promoting greater awareness of other faiths through dialogue, prayer and action.

Some documents which inform our work: 


(Catholic Bishops' Conference of England and Wales 2010)


If you are interested in finding out more about our work, please email the Secretary.