St Margaret’s has been recognised as a “Saint of Southwark” for their work in promoting racial and cultural inclusion.

St Margaret’s of Scotland Carshalton Beeches parish is trailblazing in promoting racial and cultural inclusion in their church.

The parish has been transformed with images and statues of saints from different cultural backgrounds and races, as well as depictions of the Blessed Virgin Mary with different racial appearance and cultural dress, just as she has appeared in across the world.

The parish is led by Parish Priest Father Anthony Uche, originally from Nigeria, who has overseen the changes in the church together with the Racial and Cultural Inclusion group he established. Fr Anthony said "the face of the Church must be seen in all we do."

The impact has been extraordinary, with a previously predominantly white parish becoming much more diverse and welcoming.

It’s making a big difference to the younger members of the parish. Cherise, a member of the Youth Choir at St Margaret’s, reflecting on the diversity represented in the parish in statutes and pictures said:

“To have so many people depictions of people we admire in our own light, especially being brown, is so wonderful because you can see them as role models but also feel included and accepted. I think that’s what is so unique and special about our parish.”

The whole of the Archdiocese of Southwark congratulates St Margaret's on their extraordinary work in promoting racial and cultural inclusion. The parish is putting the words of Christ into action. 

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