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The Themes



Building Up the Life of the Church


Communion is about:
Relationship with God
Relationship with each other
Relationship with the wider Church

  What and how do we celebrate really well in our parish?
  What needs to be developed in the community at this time?
  How could we exchange our gifts with neighbouring parishes in our deanery?
  What resources do we need to move our parish and deanery forward?




Moving beyond ourselves


Mission is about:
Being sent out as Church to proclaim the Gospel to our world
Meeting the joy, hope, grief and anguish of our time
Reaching out to the poor, the suffering and the marginalised

  How do we reach out beyond the boundaries of our own parish community to believers and non-believers?
  How do we bring the Good News to those without faith? How do we reach out in dialogue and collaboration to other Christians and to members of other religions?
  How could we enable our parish to become a more welcoming home?
  Aware of the joys and sufferings both within our parish community and beyond it, how can we connect to those in greatest need?




Together in Hope


The future is about:
Being open minded and creative
Sharing resources
Recognising the gifts of all, affirming and nourishing them

  What fears do we have about the future?
  What forms of shared collaboration could be developed now at:
a) parish level,
b) deanery level?
  What special areas of pastoral provision could this deanery share? E.g. Schools, Hospitals, Prisons, Chaplaincy, etc .....
  What forms of co-ordination and collaboration could be developed in our area if our own parish or a neighbouring parish did not have a resident priest?