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This is the section of our diocesan website concerned with the consultations about the future of our diocese that will be taking place between now and April 2007.

I have written a paper which I hope will provide the basis and incentive for discussion. As well as the vision statement, the paper contains a framework for consultation and some statistics which may be of value to you in your deliberations.

When items are added to this section, we will notify you on our homepage

Archbishop of Southwark

A Prayer for the Diocese of Southwark

God our Loving Father,
pour out on us afresh
the gifts of your Holy Spirit.
Open our ears to hear your Word,
open our eyes to see your presence,
open our minds to understand your Wisdom
and open our hearts to be more available for your mission
so that strengthened by your grace
we can truly be a sign and instrument
of your presence in our world today.
We ask this through Christ our Lord.

Towards a Vision for the Diocese


Part I: Towards a Vision for the Diocese
Page 1

Part II: The Consultation

Page 8

Part III: Availability of Priests for the Future
Page 16

For ease of reference the pagination used here is the same as that in the printed booklet
sent to the clergy in October 2006. However, the colours of the pie-chart on page 20 have been changed
to provide better definition on the web page.

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