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Young People's 'Vision': Summary (pdf)

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Use the Diocesan Prayer to open followed by the appropriate scripture passage:
  • Growing in Communion - Acts 2:42
  • Reaching out in Mission - Acts 13:2-3
  • Facing the Future - Acts 6:1-7
Establish the following ground rules for sharing of responses
  • Sharing is not interrupted - when someone is speaking everyone listens, side conversations are avoided. Only one person speaks at a time
  • Sharing is not contradicted - sharing is based on people's personal experience, therefore criticisms and jumping to conclusions are not helpful
  • Sharing is focussed - participants may need to be reminded of the questions being addressed if they move into other unrelated matters
  • Sharing is timed - if people know how much time they have on a particular question it helps everyone to have their say
  • From the sharing we move into dialogue so we
  • Assume everyone has a piece of the truth
  • Explore common ground
  • Listen to understand each other
  • Search for strengths and value other's positions
  • We affirm where there is agreement
  • Come to a shared understanding of dominant issues
  • Help the group to notice convergence
  • The Leader takes note of
  • Areas of agreements
  • Areas of divergence
  • Areas for further development
  • We thank God for what has been shared
  • For insights gained
  • For hopes and fears spoken aloud
  • For the Gift of the Spirit with us in the Process