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Parishes in the care of Religious Communities




The Diocese continues to benefit from the service of a number of religious communities engaged in parish ministry. At present there are 23 parishes of the Diocese in the care of either religious communities or individual members of religious congregations (including those from overseas to which reference is made below). This represents a rise from 18 parishes in 1996.




In addition there are a number of religious communities of priests within parishes and these communities also make a valuable contribution to pastoral care. The Carmelite community at Aylesford, in particular, plays an important part in the life of the Diocese.




Clearly, the presence of such communities of religious is a very significant contribution to the life of the Diocese and it is to be hoped that this pattern will continue into the future. The arrival in the Diocese of some more recently founded communities is a sign of hope in this regard.



Priests from Overseas serving in parishes in the Diocese




At present there are 24 secular priests from overseas serving in the Diocese. There are 15 priests of Religious Congregations serving in secular parishes, all but three of whom originate from outside England and Wales.




Particular arrangements are in place for members of three Religious Congregations from overseas: the Missionary Society of St. Paul of Nigeria (5 priests) who are at present in four parishes in the Diocese; the Missionary Society of St. Francis Xavier (Pilar Fathers) (3 priests) who are serving in Mitcham; the


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