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How can we reach out in mission to believers and non-believers? (e.g. Through the workplace, school/college, family, local community, parish). What do we need to empower us to be more effective and confident in that work of evangelisation? What particular experiences have helped you? (e.g. CaFE, RCIA, Youth 2000, Parish Missions)







Living out communion calls us to be inclusive to all peoples. How do we ensure inclusion of multi-ethnic/cultural, single/married, young/old and people with disabilities within our parishes? How do we celebrate and value the richness each group brings?







How do we encourage and seek opportunities for dialogue with our neighbours of other faiths?







In what ways do we reach out and show solidarity with those who are in the greatest need in our local area? In what projects or causes are we involved, either as individuals or groups, which promote, for example, justice and peace, the sanctity of life, care of the environment, work with refugees, the homeless?







Are there any people in our communities whom we support in a specific apostolate? (e.g. Youth Worker, Pastoral Assistant, Hospital Visitor, Counsellor, Lay Chaplain) What particular initiatives have meant good news for your parish or deanery?






Summing Up






Closing Prayer




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