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Young People's 'Vision': Summary (pdf)

Young People's 'Vision': Questions (pdf)


Questions and Discussion


What are the most important elements in developing the life of the parish? Which have been most effective - what is it that makes you feel that you belong to your parish/deanery/ diocese? Why?





What are the key challenges we encounter in developing communion and unity in the parish/ deanery/diocese? How can we best respond to these challenges?





From the vision of the Church as communion, what priorities emerge for our parish/ deanery/diocese? What implications do they have for the way we work with each other?





What resources, ministries and activities can we identify to bring these priorities into reality? (e.g. Liturgy? Catechesis? Ecclesial Movements? Movements that promote marriage and family life? Shared commitment to justice, peace and pro-life movements? Ethnic Associations/Chaplaincies?)





Summing Up





Closing Prayer



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