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          "Dear brothers and sisters,  our Christian communities must become genuine 'schools'
          of prayer
, where the meeting with Christ is expressed not just in imploring help but also
          in thanksgiving, praise, adoration, contemplation, listening and ardent devotion, until
          the heart truly 'falls in love'. Intense prayer, yes, but it does not distract us from our
          commitment to history: by opening our heart to the love of God it also opens it to the
          love of our brothers and sisters, and makes us capable of shaping history according to
          God's plan."


It is the Holy Spirit that makes prayer possible and our purpose should be to open our hearts and minds to God in prayer and to foster and develop communities that are "schools" of prayer.



One other feature of the picture of the early Church should also be part of our vision for the future. The text speaks of "the breaking of bread" which is clearly a reference to the Eucharist. This is the most fundamental thing of all and the celebration of the liturgy - the centre and culmination of Christian life - is the supreme occasion of communion in the Holy Spirit when the Spirit come upon the bread and wine and they become the Body and Blood of the Lord. We participate in that food together thus becoming the Church in its fullest and deepest expression.

Reaching Out


Belonging to the Church is not an inward looking thing. Crucially, we must reach out in mission to all those who seem deaf to the call of the Gospel and whose lives are shaped by materialism, consumerism and scepticism about faith. As I indicated at the beginning, we must have a broad perspective and open and generous hearts. A Christian cannot but be concerned with the poor, the marginalised and the victims of the terrible conflicts and injustice that scar our world. All that must come within our concern. So should our ecumenical outreach and it is important to insist that ecumenical commitment is an integral part of our understanding of the Church. Despite serious and deep-seated differences we remain bonded in a unique way with all the baptised. Sadly, it is only the bad news in ecumenism that makes the headlines but much good is being done and remains to be done. We have no permission to withdraw from the search for full communion of faith and sacramental life among all the baptised for the sake of the Church's mission to the world.


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