The Martyrs' Picture

Durante Alberti

'The Martyrs’ Picture' was painted by Durante Alberti in 1580, just after the foundation of the College. It depicts the Blessed Trinity with two English martyrs: St Thomas of Canterbury on the left hand side and St Edmund, King of East Anglia, on the right.

Blood from Christ’s wounds falls onto a map of the British Isles, and from this blood fire is springing up. This ties in with the College motto, held by a cherub: Ignem veni mittere in terram - I have come to bring fire to the earth.

According to tradition, students gathered around this picture to sing a Te Deum whenever news reached Rome of the martyrdom of a former student. This custom continues today when the Te Deum is sung in front of the painting on 1st December, 'Martyrs’ Day', and the relics of the Martyrs are venerated by the students.

The College Martyrs

 St Ralph Sherwin, 1581
 St Luke Kirby, 1582
 Bl. John Shert, 1582
 St Polydore Plasden, 1591
 St Eustace White, 1591
 St Robert Southwell S.J., 1595
 St Henry Walpole S.J., 1595
 St John Almond, 1612
 St Henry Morse S.J., 1645
 St David Lewis S.J., 1679
 St John Wall O.F.M., 1679
 Bl. Joseph Lambton, 1592
 Bl. William Lacey, 1582
 Bl. Thomas Pormort, 1592
 Bl. Thomas Cottam, 1582
 Bl. John Cornelius S.J., 1594
 Bl. William Hart, 1583
 Bl. John Ingram, 1594
 Bl. George Haydock, 1584
 Bl. Edward Thwing, 1594
 Bl. Thomas Hemerford, 1584
 Bl. Robert Middleton, 1601
 Bl. John Munden, 1584
 Bl. Robert Watkinson, 1602
 Bl. John Lowe, 1586 
 Bl. Edward Oldcorne, 1606
 Bl. Robert Morton, 1588
 Bl. Richard Smith, 1612
 Bl. Richard Leigh, 1588
 Bl. John Thules, 1616
 Bl. Edward James, 1588
 Bl. John Lockwood, 1642
 Bl. Christopher Buxton, 1588
 Bl. John Woodcock O.F.M., 1646
 Bl. Christopher Bales, 1590 
 Bl. Anthony Turner S.J., 1679
 Bl. Edmund Duke, 1590
 Ven. Thomas Tichborne, 1602
 Ven. Brian Tansfield S.J., 1643
 Ven. Edward Morgan, 1642
 Ven. Edward Mico S.J., 1678


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