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Canterbury Cathedral
'Celebration of Faith'

Saturday, 29th May 1982

After his meeting with Religious at Digby Stuart College, the Pope flew by helicopter to Canterbury.
Here he had an informal meeting with Prince Charles before taking part in an ecumenical
'Celebration of Faith' in Canterbury Cathedral.

Canterbury Cathedral

Pope John Paul entered the Cathedral with the Archbishop of Canterbury, Dr Robert Runcie.
Together they knelt in prayer before the nave altar.

They greeted each other with a sign of peace and the Archbishop of Canterbury welcomed the Pope.
They then moved to the high altar where they kissed the Canterbury Gospels (a gift from Pope St Gregory the Great
to St Augustine). The Gospels were placed on the Chair of St Augustine, the first Archbishop of Canterbury.

The Pope's homily at Canterbury Cathedral from the Vatican website

The Pope and the Archbishop of Canterbury gave the blessing together and then knelt in silent prayer
at the site of the martyrdom of St Thomas a Becket.

After the service the Pope joined a dozen members of the British Council of Churches
for conversation at the home of the Dean of Canterbury.

The Pope's address at his meeting with Church Leaders at Canterbury from the Vatican website

The Pope and the Archbishop of Canterbury signed a Common Declaration, sitting together at a table
in the Deanery Garden.

Text of the Common Declaration from the Vatican website


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