May the angels lead you into paradise; may the martyrs come to welcome you and take you to the holy city, the new and eternal Jerusalem.



Father Gary Gill
25th May 2019

Father Huebert Miranda
3rd April 2019

Father Alan Wright
17th March 2019

Brother Raymund Hewlett
7th March 2019
a long time Parish Priest at Erith and Dean for Bexley Deanery

Sister Dorothy Bell
6th March 2019
Diocesan coordinator for Aids related matters

Father Alexander Fraser
26th February 2019

Canon John Bailey
12th February 2019

Canon Francis Moran - Mortlake

29th January 2019

Father Colin Murphy
31st October 2018

Brother Michael McMullen
25th October 2018
who was a member of the Order of Carmelites' Aylesford community 

Father Peter Lessiter
8th September 2018

Father John Mulligan
6th September 2018

Father Donald Minchew
16th August 2018
Priest of the Ordinariate of Our Lady of Walsingham

Father Philip Mathias 

3rd August 2018

Monsignor Leo White
31st July 2018

Deacon David Pease
17th July 2018

Father Sean Hearty
2nd June 2018

Father Pietro Celotto c.s.

24th April 2018
former Parish Priest of the Italian Mission

Father Michael Murphy
11th April 2018

Father Eric Nimmo
20th February 2018

Father Edeghonghon John Ehichioya
from the Diocese of Uromi
1st February 2018

Deacon Samuel Gyepi-Garbrah
19th January 2018

Bishop Francis Walmsley
26th December 2017

Father Kevin Pelham
20th December 2017

Father Roy Dunstan CRE

17th December 2017

Father Peter Madden
16th December 2017

Canon Anthony (Tony) Ford
15th December 2017

Canon Bill Clements KHS

10th August 2017

Deacon James Foley
2nd August 2017

Father John Lavery

26th July 2017

Deacon Peter Rennie
27th June 2017

Father Peter Ryman
18th June 2017

Mrs Winifred Grimmette 
wife of  Deacon Reginald Grimmette
17th April 2017

Father Michael Hayes
15th April 2017

Father Cyril Elkington
11th March 2017

Father Barry Angus
11th March 2017

Deacon Michael Gould
7th March 2017

Father David Peter Hutton
1st March 2017

Father Micheal Clifton
23rd February 2017

Canon Charles Walker
26th January 2017

Father Andrew Fernandes
24th January 2017

Canon John "Jack" Madden
16th December 2016

Deacon Braz Menezes
5th December 2016

Father Eamonn Whelan
3rd December 2016

 Father Piet Wijngaard O.Carm
30th September  2016

Deacon Ray Partridge 
20th August 2016

Deacon Yves Ferriere
16th August 2016

Father Bernard Jones, O.Carm.
16th July 2016

Mrs Connie Quirk
wife of Deacon Neil Quirk
19th March 2016

Sister Joan Tierney UJ
26th February 2016

Father Robin Duckworth sm
21st February 2016

Father Conleth Doyle, O.Carm
14th January 2016

Father Joseph Kelly, O.Carm
6th January 2016

Deacon Philip Gummet
15th August 2015

Canon John Naughton
18th June 2015

Anthony Brian (Tony) Curtis
Rites and Pastoral Committee of the Diocesan Liturgy Commission
16th June 2015

Father  Anthony Richins BA, FCP
3rd January 2015

Father  David Maher
21st December 2014

Miss Christine Brett
Liturgy Commission
28th November 2014

Deacon John Roberts KHS
21st November 2014

Father Peter Rolph
26th September 2014

Mrs Shelia Doherty
Southwark Catholic Youth Service
19th August 2014

Father Michael Gibbons
5th August 2014

Canon John Lennon
29th May 2014

Father Patrick (Ambrose) McLoughlin
9th March 2014

Father Joseph Whooley
1st March 2014

Sheila Hart
wife of Deacon John Hart
25th February 2014

Father James Eamer C.P.
20th February 2014

Father David Rhys
16th February 2014

Father Alphonsus Brennan, OCarm
10th February 2014

Father Cyril Williams
8th February 2014

Sister M.A. Concordia (Caroline) Scott OSB
5th February 2014

Deacon Joseph Parsons
10th January 2014

Deacon Antonio (Tony) Cannavina
30th November 2013

Canon John Redford
6th November 2013

Deacon Michael Choppen
8th October 2013

Father Kevin Fitzgerald
29th September 2013

Brother Thomas Johnston O.Carm
27th July 2013

Father Geoffrey Winchester
July 2013

Father Theodore Davey CP
20th July 2013

Sister Philomena Lawless OLF
14th July 2013

Father Martin Murphy
30th May 2013

Deacon Maurice Williams
9th May 2013

Father Eric Wright
4th May 2013

Thelma Misquitta
1st Diocesan Covenant Organiser (Gift Aid)
26th April 2013

Father Tim Buckley
17th April 2013

Deacon Neil (Cornelius) Quirk
1st April 2013

Father John McCormack
25th March 2013

Father William Hogg
17th March 2013

Father Tom Heneghan
6th March 2013

Father Emmanuel Agius
29th December 2012

Father Robert Gould
23rd December 2012

Archbishop Faustino Sainz Muñoz
Papal Nuncio
31st October 2012

Canon Geoffrey Burke
19th October 2012

Canon Dermod Fogarty DD LCL
15th October 2012 

Father Josef Gula SCh
21st September 2012

Father David O'Regan
10th September 2012

Canon John Morris
5th September 2012

Father Hugh Thwaites SJ
21st August 2012

Father William Scanlan
14th May 2012

Mrs Jane Beresford
Wife of Deacon Bob Beresford
14th April 2012 

Canon Richard Quinlan KHS
23rd February 2012

Monsignor John Elliott KCHS
25th December 2011

Bishop John Jukes OFM Conv
21st November 2011

Father Eric Mead
1st November 2011

Father Cyril Baxter O Carm
17th September 2011 

Joseph Farrelly KCSG
31st August 2011

Canon Cornelius Beausang
27th August 2011

Father Wilfred D'Silva
18th August 2011

Deacon William Eason
2nd August 2011

Monsignor Provost Emeritus Terence Stonehill KCHS
31st July 2011

Father Ernest Bonvini
22nd July 2011 

Bishop Michael Evans
11th July 2011

Canon Patrick Pearson
23rd June 2011 

Father David Waite O Carm
6th June 2011 

Father Anthony Pelan O Carm
11th May 2011 

Father Tony Pyle
21st April 2011 

Monsignor Michael Smith
17th April 2011 

Canon John Devane
7th March 2011

Sister Joan O'Donoghue DMJ MBE
2nd August 2010 

Deacon Keith Morris
31st July 2010

Deacon John Sampson
16th July 2010

Father John Kenny
9th July 2010 

Mr Michael Power
Catholic Education Service
2nd July 2010 

Mr Michael Edwards
Education Commission
17th June 2010

Father Derek Vidler
16th April 2010

Father Geoffrey Graystone SM
11th April 2010

Monsignor Patrick Keaveny
16th February 2010

Deacon John Tuggey
3rd February 2010

Deacon Roger Chandler-Honnor
15th December 2009

Father Ernest Becher
9th July 2009 

Father Joseph Osei
9th June 2009


Father Richard Fawssett
2nd June 2009


Deacon John O'Donovan
14th February 2009


Father Denis Finbar Barry
3rd January 2009


Father Joseph Levins
21st December 2008

Father Augustine Chigodora
16th December 2008

Sister Mary Baptist Taylor DMJ
1st November 2008


Sister Immaculata FMSL
26th October 2008


Father Bernard Merron KCHS

20th October 2008


Stephen Whittaker
19th October 2008


Sister Rose Godsmark FMDM
6th October 2008


Deacon Christopher Cassidy
3rd October 2008


Ann Noonan
Other Faiths Committee

18th September 2008


Father Timothy Nolan
12th September 2008


Mary Doohan
Founder of Little Way Association
29th August 2008


Bishop Michael Kuchmiak CSSR
26th August 2008


Father Kevin Donovan SJ
21st August 2008


Father Tony Skillen SM
8th August 2008


Father Derek Summers OSB
7th June 2008


Father William (Bill) Howell
23rd May 2008


Father Donald Fraser CSsR
23rd May 2008


Father Patrick (Paddy) Fox
31st March 2008


Father Dominic O'Sullivan
10th February 2008


Father John O'Shea
16th January 2008

Sister Mary Gough MSC
8th January 2008

Father Richard Bateman
2nd December 2007

Shaun MacCarthy
Cathedral Organist
25th November 2007

Father Ronald Duggan
9th November 2007

Father Patrick McGrath SDB
8th November 2007

Archbishop Maurice Couve de Murville
3rd November 2007

Father John Maxwell
19th August 2007

Moyna Hallett
Laity Commission

2nd August 2007

Father Angelo Holbrook CP
7th May 2007

Deacon Reginald Grimmette
6th May 2007

Canon Garry (Patrick) Pierce
14th April 2007

Hugh O'Donnell
Liturgy Commission
14th March 2007

Father Hugh Clarke O.Carm.
20th February 2007

Sister Teresa Clements D.M.J.
18th February 2007

Lord Nolan of Brasted
22nd January 2007

Father Hugh Bridge
22nd January 2007