Diocesan Central Services and Finance Office


Bowen House is located at

59 Westminster Bridge Road

Telephone 020 7960 2500
Fax 020 7261 1460

NB: Bowen House  Staff are working from Home during the current National COVID-19 situation and telephone messages will only be collected intermittently. If possible please use email.

or email on of the following addresses:

Accounts Payable Gift Aid
Communications Human Resources
Data Protection Officer ICT Support
Evangelisation and Catechesis Payrolll
Finance Priests Welfare
Fundraising Property
GDPR Secretary

Chief Operating Officer: Paul McCallum
Finance Director
: John Wilson
Financial Controller: Adrian Radford


If you have any general coronavirus queries or have suggestions as to what you would like to see in the bulletin, please contact us by email at:

We are requesting that if you need to send anything to the Finance Office or other Curial Offices, that you email it, if at all possible, as the offices are now closed completely.


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Complaints Procedure

Complaints Procedure 2021

Parish Financial Administration

Parish Financial Administration

Appendix 1a Contact Details Sheet Archdiocese of Southwark

Appendix 1b Natwest Contact Sheet

Appendix 2 Finance System Basic Acc Procedures

Appendix 3 Certificate for Loan

Appendix 4 Wording for a Bequest

Diocesan Collections

Employers' Liability Insurance

Regulations on Payments & Benefits to Priests and Deacons

RC Archdiocese of Southwark 2016 Report and Annual Accounts

RC Archdiocese of Southwark 2017 Report and Annual Accounts

RC Archdiocese of Southwark 2018 Report and Annual Accounts

RC Archdiocese of Southwark 2019 Report and Annual Accounts

Southwark Bulk Purchasing Scheme Order Form  

Gift Aid

Gift Aid Handbook

Property Department

Property Team
Chris Millington Property Manager
David Smith Assistant Property Manager
Claire Staden Property Team Administrator
Kasia Zarczynska Property Managment Officer
Roy Collier Health and Safety Officer

Property Department
Diocesan Central Services
Bowen House
59 Westminster Bridge Road
London SE1 7JE

Tel: 020 7960 2500

Property Information & Advice for Parishes:
The Property Department have put together a document: Property Information & Advice for Parishes. This is useful point of information for Parish Clergy and Parish Finance Committees, detailing some of the processes relating to property. The document includes sections on:

  • Property Maintenance of Churches, Halls and Presbyteries
  • Thresholds for referral to the Property Department  or Finance Committee
  • Disposal or Purchase of Property
  • Parish Projects
  • Halls and Presbytery
  • Disabled Access
  • Insurance
  • Asbestos Management & Audits

Click here for latest copy of Property Advice PDF document

The Property Team also work with Parishes to ensure that legal requirements are met.
Click here to access the Diocesan CCTV Policy
Click here to download the CCTV form (a Word document) to be submitted to the Property Team.

Health and Safety

General Data Protection Regulation

Data Protection Policy

Social Media Policy

Privacy Statement Full

Privacy Statement Short

Finance Office Retention Schedule

Record Keeping and Retention Advice for Parishes

Paper Records Disposal Form

Paper Records Disposal Form in PDF Format

Consent Form for New Parishioners

Consent Form General Wording

Wording for CCTV Signage

Wording For Photographers and Live Streaming Signs


GDPR Training Session Powerpoint May 2018

Checklist for appropriate IT equipment

Check for computer software versions, updates and anti-virus

Clergy Welfare

RCAoS Clergy Welfare Guide January 2021

Staff Handbook

Staff Handbook

Commencing Employment

Employment Contract

Absence Request Form

Sickness / Injury Self-Certification Form

Volunteering Information

Maternity/Paternity/Adoptive Leave

Request for Parental Leave

Payroll Services Information for the Employee

Payroll Changes Form

Performance Appraisal Form

Completion of Employment

For Employers' Liability Insurance please visit the Financial Administration and Accounting section

Gender Pay Gap Report

Gender Pay Gap Report 2018

Gender Pay Gap Report 2017

Insurance Claims

Insurance claims information (excluding travel)

Travel Guidance

July 2021 Travel Bulletin

Changes to Diocesan Important Travel Insurance Policy for 2019/20

CIS Travel Policy Summary from 15/10/20

Notification of Travel Form - to be completed and sent by email  to: